Research and development (R&D)

In our product development, we not only have expert R&D people, we also own the most advanced technical know-how, equipment and facilities. It enables us to develop any value added new products to satisfy our customers and markets' demand.

We always link and work with Thai and overseas food institutes, laboratories and also universities to obtain more and more product's development know-how which will render us more capable to face keen market competition.

Namchow is research and development stand behind the success of the Company for more than 20 years. The R&D teams comprise high caliber professionals who are highly revered in Thailand's agriculture industry. They cooperate with other outside parties, including research institutes both in Thailand and overseas, specialists, customers and various public agencies, with the mutual objective of sustaining the industry.

Aside from developments for the sustainability of the overall industry, with the Company is ability , Namchow emphasizes product development to develop a wide variety of new products to please consumer tasters and requirements. Manufacturing food products to meet the differing regulations and international standards of each customer throughout the world, have resulted in customers being confident that the Namchow's products are of high quality, tasty and safe for consumption.

Research and development (R&D) activity is an important step of an innovation process , allow an enterprise to be competitive in the dynamic and rapidly changing market environment.