The perfect Snack for any occasion!
Our Rice Snacks are nutritious because they are made from the best rice baked to perfection and combined with tasty spices, which give them a uniquely delicious taste; crunchy and crispy the whole way through.

Enjoy the great taste of our Rice Snacks in a new munchable size. Our Rice Snacks are suitable for any occasion. Just one bite and you will agree that these snacks "Blow others Snacks AWAY".

  • Stick Chilli Flavor
  • Stick Black Pepper Flavor
  • Round Chilli Flavor
  • Round Original Flavor
  • Round Garden Herb Flavor
  • Round Spicy Seaweed Flavor
  • Mexicano's Baked Nacho Cheese Flavor
  • Multi Grain Baked Sesame Black Pepper Flavor
  • Rice Crisps Mango Chutney Flavor