Namchow Group collaborated with Katokichi,Japan established the production of Premium Frozen Noodles in 1998 in Chungli, Taiwan.  By using High-technology of machinery  from Japan combined with the high quality of golden wheat from Australia processed with a vacuum system. Namchow's noodles are chewy, unique tasted, delicious beyond. So, they have been exported to many countries and they also passed FSSC22000 (International Food Safety Management System) the international certification of food safety. Today, you can test the authentic taste of " Premium Frozen Noodles" from "Taiwan" is used to create a menu just the way you like it.


  • Sanuki Udon 180g x 5
  • Sanuki Udon with Bonito Soup 230g x 3
  • Sanuki Daizen Ramen 200g x 5
  • Sanuki Daizen Ramen with Pork Soup 233g x 3
  • Egg Noodle 200g x 5
  • Egg Noodle 180g x 3
  • Chinese Noodle 200g x 5
  • Chinese Noodle 180g x 3
  • Slice Ramen 250g x5
  • Slice Ramen 180g x 3
  • Spaghetti Black Ink 200g x 5
  • Spaghetti Black Ink 180g x 3